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2015 Annual Conference Buddy Programs List

2015 Annual Conference Buddy Programs List

We wanted to make sure you knew that several SLA divisions and chapters have “conference buddy” programs, pairing first timers with seasoned conference attendees to help you get the most out of your conference experience. There is still time to sign up!

Thanks to James King, MLS, FSLA for kicking off the list! 

Business & Finance Division:

Details: (Based on website No Deadline)

Contact: Breezy Silver at

Chemical Division :

Details: – Deadline May 22nd

Contact: Denise Callihan  at

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division facilitates mentoring opportunities to support new and existing members in exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and experience, and offering guidance. Most of the interaction will be through phone, e-mail, or social media but there may be SLA chapter events where mentors and mentees can meet face to face. A great upcoming opportunity is the SLA 2015 Conference. No deadline.
Contact: Ashleigh Faith at


Leadership Management Division 

Details:  – Deadline May 15th

Contact: Valerie J. Ryder at

Philadelphia Chapter:

Details: – Deadline May 22nd

Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division

Details: (Based on website No Deadline)

Contact: Jenny Hart at

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